The end-to-end user testing platform

Poll the People empowers marketing, product, and design teams to create custom tests and gain user feedback in just one hour. Get closer to your users and capture real insights as they happen.

Poll the People User Panel

Get immediate access to 500,000+ panelists.

Our panel is standing by to respond to your tests in real-time.







Trusted By Companies And Customers Around The World

Collect real results, from real people, in real time

Optimize your business with lightning-fast user research testing. Collecting actionable insights from your users has never been easier, spend less and eliminate time spent watching recorded and moderated sessions.

Test Websites, Ads, Figma Prototypes, and More

Your most important resources are put to the test to find what works best for your users. Uncover valuable insights fast, test everything from headlines and images to web design and prototypes. We even have examples to show you how it works.

Reach More Engaged Users

Utilize segmentation and advanced criteria to target the right users. Spend less time and money recruiting participants with Poll the People’s dedicated user panel.

Make Sense of the Results In Your Dashboard

Easily customize and analyze the results of your test with filters and visual representations of the feedback. Find the most impactful insights, eliminate irrelevant details, and share your findings with your team.

Create your user test and Poll the People will do the rest

Expert Built Templates

User test any element of your business with one of our expert-built templates. Set up your test in just minutes.

Automatic Response Rejection

Our system uses bot and fraud detection to filter responses and only get the best feedback in your user test.

Results In Just One Hour

You will get the results from your user test in just an hour, not days like traditional user testing.

Actionable Reports

Our easy-to-digest results dashboard gives you the quantitative and qualitative data to make sense of your results.

Fast, Easy, & Cost-Effective User Testing. It's that simple.

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