By Owen Fay . Posted on March 25, 2022

As a lot of us in the marketing world know, testing your ads on Google or Facebook while they’re running isn’t a quick or inexpensive process.

It might take days or weeks to reach statistical confidence in their ad system depending on the traffic that your ads get. All while you’re probably spending more money than you want to.

This makes a testing tool that is fast, inexpensive, and reliable much more appealing if you are designing a lot of ads with different creative.

Benefits Of Usability A/B Testing Creative

Testing ad creative with Poll the People will give you a good idea of what the consumers want to see and if they would engage with your ads. Some valuable insights will tell you if what you’re trying to communicate is understood as well as what design preferences your audience has.

Using an ad or image usability A/B test is recommended when you are trying to optimize ad creative. These tests do a great job of learning about different parts of your ads.

Usability A/B testing is great for a number of reasons, here are a few of the benefits of testing your ad creative.

  1. Likeability – a simple test that asks users to vote on the creative they like the most will tell you a lot about if you have a good ad. Ask them about the color combinations, style of the photo, etc. to get their opinions on if it is good or bad.
  2. Comprehension – asking users if they understood the message or offer of the ad is always important. If the ad doesn’t communicate the value it is worthless. A usability A/B test will tell you if the creative is understood by your users.
  3. Attention – You want to know if your creative is eye-catching and draws the viewer in to engage. Test the ads in the context of where they will be on the web and ask them how much they recall about the ad after they saw it.

Example of Creative Testing

Usability A/B tests give you easily digestible data to find the winner and best option to roll with. Each response also comes with written feedback that lets you find the insights and opinions while also understanding the good, bad, or ugly associated with your creative.

valuable feedbackThe ability to filter through responses will help quickly analyze the results, you might even find new opportunities.

The value of looking at the results can be seen in the screenshot below. There’s a clear winner from the test, the second image scored much better than the first. But, there’s great info in the written feedback too.

The first couple of responses talk simply about the image they like better but the explanation in the image below does a great job of explaining why the second image is a better representation of the brand.

It directly talks about the value of having the character and hard hat associated with the brand and how that improves the brand perception.

Feedback like this can be so valuable in the confusing world of usability testing. We hope to eliminate that confusion with every test through Poll the People.


Unlike most testing platforms our usability A/B tests are done within an hour, not days or weeks like Google, Facebook, or even other testing sites. We pride ourselves on being able to help every business optimize ad design, just see what our CEO had to say about the value of user testing ad designs from this Creatopy article he was featured in.

If you’re ready to test your ad creative sign up, if you’re still unsure about the whole process check out all of our resources in our blog, comment to ask us questions, or reach out.

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