Pre-Live A/B Testing Ideas (What Can Be Pre-Live A/B Tested)
By Owen Fay . Posted on February 21, 2022

If a company is having trouble making initial decisions, such as selecting a logo or messaging, or later decisions, like the whole design of their web page, Poll the People can help.

Businesses in just about any industry can use usability A/B testing for new features or changes before they go live. It lets you make great decisions with data from real people to back it up.

After all, the users are the most important part of any business, our processes help to fill in the gap between you and them.

What is Usability Testing?

So you might have heard about usability testing before but we’re going to go over some of the most common things users test with Poll the People.

Usability A/B testing is a human-centered process to evaluate a product, service, website, app, or other resources with real users to gain insights into their experiences. With usability A/B testing two variations of the resource are shown to a panel of users to find the option that delivers the biggest impact, archives business goals, and drives metrics.

Usability A/B testing is one of the most effective methods for determining what your customers want and help optimize before launching a new resource.

You can use usability testing to learn more about your audience and use insights to make changes to the business, regardless of whether you’re a B2B or B2C business or whether you offer products or services.

Your success is ultimately determined by the users. This is why everything you show them has to meet their needs and wants. It’s even more important for things that affect their feelings or experience.

If you want to conduct a usability test here are a few things to consider testing:

Web Design

Your web design is so important because we all react to visuals and are drawn toward good designs. People willingly and unwillingly have immediate feelings about your business based on the design alone.

75% of users make judgments about a company’s credibility based on the visual design alone – Stanford Guidelines for Web Credibility

When you don’t test your web design you might be eliminating three-quarters of the potential customers. That’s tough to overcome if people instantly don’t like the design.

Clearly, it’s important to know how the design affects the user experience, how it makes people feel, and the opinions they have about it.

The colors, images, text, animation, videos, etc. have a big impact on what people think and how they experience it. Each of these factors can change traffic, engagement, and conversions on your site. Using a website prototype and testing them you can learn if the web design improves these metrics or hurts them.

Usability A/B testing will show you what parts of the design create a good first interaction, it’ll save you money on potential redesign or updates, and other valuable resources while helping you capture more of those potential customers.

Ease of Navigation

The way your visitors get from one page to another or find the resource they’re looking for on your site is one of the most important parts of your website design.

You want visitors to navigate as effectively as possible, the positioning, layout, and size of buttons, links, and menus are key parts to creating a great navigation experience.

It might sound hard to create an easy and effective way for anyone to navigate your website but, with the help of Poll the People, it can be easy. You can quickly test a few versions of your navigation bar and find what layout your audience prefers.

If you’re worried about how people navigate your site or find your resources a simple usability A/B test with Poll the People will help you fix any issues.

Keep in mind the number of options in each menu and what your most valuable assets are. This will help you create navigation that efficiently gets the visitors to the pages you want them to see.

With our tests, you present users with two versions of the menus or website and asked to answer questions about navigation or ease of use. They will vote on the best version and give you detailed feedback to help your business fix issues and why one version is preferred.

Logo Testing

Pre-Live A/B Testing Ideas (What Can Be Pre-Live A/B Tested)

There is nothing more thrilling than designing a logo for your new company. Since your brand’s logo is so valuable to your company, testing that logo with your users has some obvious benefits.

We’ve all seen a logo that just doesn’t look good or we don’t like it as a result we don’t trust or like that company as much. Even if they have exactly what you’re looking for you’re more likely to find a business that gives you a good first impression.

You need to make sure your logo represents what your business does and that your users understand what you offer. When you’re at the logo creation stage of your business you probably have a few different designs and want to know the one that works the best.

So we know the problem, Poll the People has the solution, usability A/B testing. Take the designs that you or another company made and create a test. The good news is ours complete in about an hour and costs less than other testing platforms.

The test might be on completely different designs, color variants, styles, or fonts. With the feedback from hundreds of people, you’ll have a logo that creates opinions that benefit the business.

Brand Messaging

Another part of your business that can make or break first impressions is brand messaging. It has to show people how valuable you are and lets them know what you can do for them.

A solution: test two versions of your messaging with hundreds of users with a usability A/B test. The key is to narrow your list of messaging or taglines down to 2 or 3 and test to find the most impactful brand message.

We give you easy-to-use results dashboards that show you all of the data you need to have full confidence in one tagline over the rest. It allows you to confidently and safely choose the best brand messaging, knowing that your users will like the messaging too.

You and your company will save time and money in the long run by avoiding rework. So why wait, test your brand messaging with Poll the People.

Ad testing

If you handle ads for your business or have any part in them you know that they can cost a lot of money and give you few results. But we still invest a lot of resources into them because of the potential.

A lot of times we will run ads and if they don’t work change the images, text, or other parts of them to see if that works. Wouldn’t it be great if you knew that there was a better chance that version one worked?

Usability A/B testing ads give you data and feedback on your ads and the users tell you what they like more. You might even get new ideas or solutions to issues you might have been trying to solve.

It also helps you understand what types of ads your audience will respond to and eliminates the risk of putting out ads that aren’t going to convert.

A usability test allows you to gather input from a large panel of users. Your ads are presented to a group of users who vote on them. This audience not only selects the option they prefer but also provides comprehensive feedback on why they chose that version. This provides you the assurance that you’re spending money on the best ads – even before the launch.

Landing page testing

You’ve most likely invested a lot of time and money to attract traffic to your landing page. A landing page is a separate web page designed for a promotional or ad campaign in digital marketing.

It’s the place where a person “lands” after clicking on a link in an email or an advertisement. Usability A/B testing allows you to evaluate multiple designs in order to maximize conversions and traffic.

Allow customers to provide comments on essential parts of your landing page. To fully optimize your landing page, you should run as many usability tests as you can and ask as many questions about how the landing page makes the user feel until it is fully optimized.

Let the people give you feedback about key aspects of the page like navigation, animation, content, images, etc. It is quick and easy to get this feedback with Poll the People.


The importance of testing the Call-to-Action (CTAs) can’t be overstated. Even if your CTAs are well-crafted, only testing can reveal how well they perform in the real world, based on how your audience reacts to them.

What is the point of your message? Where are you directing the users’ attention? What’s the next logical step?

You should experiment with various CTAs. You can include things like related blog articles, a “start here” page, a sales pitch, an email subscription, or anything else you want users to take action on.

Don’t forget to test the CTA’s colors, offer, position, and copy. If you’re offering sign-ups, an eBook, or any other type of incentive to convert the audience, you’ll want to have a clear and attention-grabbing CTA.

Usability A/B testing will allow your business to identify the CTA’s that will generate the most leads.

Examples of effective Usability tests

As we’ve mentioned Poll the People offers an easy-to-use platform to test every aspect of your business.  It takes around 5 minutes to set up, and the test may be completed in under an hour.

We provide extensive reports and insightful feedback on tests. The platform allows any business to save time and money while gathering actionable insights on any element of the business. Some examples of the very effective usability testing by Poll the people are:

Poll the People logo test – Before we launched our logo we used the platform to find the best logo for our brand.

Hifi Logo Test – Hifi used our platform to test two versions of their logo in order to find what their audience preferred.

Product Design Test – A new shoe concept that used recycled rubber for the soles tested the design of their new concept to understand what design the audience would like the most before producing the product.


These are some of the most common uses for our platform but we have several templates and can test just about anything. As you come up with a plan for testing, keep in mind all of the benefits of usability testing.

Usability A/B testing can decrease a lot of the risks and save money that come with changes or additions to a business if you are committed to improvement and use the knowledge you gather.

Our goal with Poll the People was not to create just another testing tool but to create a way to optimize your business fast and effectively. Now that you know some of the best use cases for usability A/B testing you should be on the right track.

If you’re ready to make great decisions for your business go to Poll the People and create a test. If you have some questions or run into issues take a look at our blog or just leave a comment and we can help.

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