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Any business in this world will need a logo for sure for their brand. There are chances that you might need to design a logo yourself for your brand. If you budget and resources, then go for a professional designer. Otherwise, you need to design yourself. Either way, it is an important task and many people end up making huge errors in their custom logo. You must not be one of them. So, read carefully the most frequent logo design errors and solutions below-

1. Not Doing Enough Research

Logo design acts like a tool to communicate with your target audience. It is basically a communication challenge about how you capture the essence of a brand and communicate with the potential customers. To capture the essence of a brand in the imagery, you need to make sure that you have done your research well. Without knowing the company thoroughly, you cannot tell anyone what it is about

The more knowledge you have about the company, more are the chances of creating a responsive logo design. Amateur designers will start brainstorming without having proper knowledge about the brand itself. To avoid this disaster, do complete research about the company as well as its competitors. This way, you will not end up creating a logo that looks exactly similar to a company rival. It can be helpful too as you will learn what is already working in your industry.

Conduct a brand audit survey to learn about the company completely. Learn details about the brand goals and objectives. With this important information, you can design a strong creative brief for the logo designing process. This will keep your team on the same page.

2. Don’t pick Most Obvious Color

Do not pick the most obvious color for your logo design. It is quite evident these days that companies pick certain specific colors to make an impression and emotionally connect with the target audience. But, doing the same thing can become boring in no time. For instance, using blue color for social networks to look trustworthy is a great choice. However, it can become quite boring and unaesthetic too. Just imagine, Instagram icon as plain blue, would you want to click on it?

It is not necessary that banks must be blue and apps for women should always be in pink color. In addition to this, it is not compulsory that anything related to the environment should always be green. You can go out of the way and catch the attention of your target audience. This can help you to stand out and show yourself as innovative and unique in your target market.

The major role of a logo is to create an identity and make your brand stand out. So, instead of going with those colors, you can make a different and more appreciable choice too.

Let us discuss a bad example in this category. Hersheys has a brown color logo design. Brown can be a terrible color to work with. UI designers try to avoid it like plague. It is not necessary that you go with brown color if you are a chocolate company.

Instead, go with anything else that can be justified. A good dark chocolate can have a hint of berries, nuts, even citrus. You can design a flexible brand that has different flavors which can be represented by different colors. Also, you can use a warm hue in logo design to create that warm, chocolaty feeling.

3. Don’t make logo too detailed for a website header

This is one of the most common and classic mistakes of all time. You can go with a designed by committee logo but that can be a disaster. Instead, you should go with a unique and distinguished logo design for your brand. The logo for your brand should be striking and unique to shine on the Time Square billboards. But before that, it needs to work in your website’s 70px tall navigation bar on someone’s old computer. The logo should also be consistent and stand out in the modern website design of your company.

You need to remember at all times how people will actually see your logo design. There are plenty of things that need to be remembered and followed in the logo designing process. Unfortunately, you cannot miss even one. It can mess up the whole experience of your audience. The goal of your company at the end is always to impress the target audience.

Always go for a simple logo design. Your custom logo will be displayed on the website so it should look good in that position. Instead of stuffing everything in your logo and making it complex, hard to understand, create a simple logo. Simple logos are trending these days. So, resist the urge of stuffing your logo and try to keep it simple.

Let’s discuss a bad example. The logo design of Interaction Design Foundation is so detailed that you cannot read it. What is the point of adding text to your logo if people cannot read it and get your message.

Learning UI Design is a great example of this case. It has a simple logo design that works even in thin header at least as well as larger contexts.

4. Don’t Pick the Most Obvious Symbol

The most important role of logo design is to make your brand stand out. You must look distinguished and different from your competition. This is the main reason that your logo design exists. If you pick something that seems highly similar to your company name, it becomes unappealing. If you pick an icon that is the literal meaning of your company name then there is no suspense left. It looks boring and unappealing especially to your target audience.

For instance, if a design company has a brain logo. Or if the yoga studio has a lotus logo design. To add to this, an environmental NGO with its tree logo. These brands have a similar logo to their company name and work. Picking a logo design in this manner is one of the most obvious and uncreative processes.

So, instead of doing this, go for something creative and visually appealing. Pick a symbol that still makes sense but is a step removed and less obvious. It should not literally dictate what your company works for. This will leave you an incredible path and option to stand out in your industry. However, do not go a long way in changing and making your logo complex. Try to create a logo that can be easily justified and represents what your brand does without any problem.

The World Wildlife Foundation is a great example for this most common logo design error. This organization avoids using a globe or some hodgepodge of animals in their logo. Instead, they went with a different approach and went with a stylish panda. It is an attractive logo design and moreover, pandas look appealing to the majority of the population especially the ones interested in animals.

Logo designing is not a piece of cake. You are bound to commit mistakes while creating your company logo. However, if you already know the common and major errors, you can save so much of your time and energy. The logo design errors and solutions will provide great insight.

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