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By Owen Fay . Posted on January 5, 2023

Poll the People is one of the most effective user research platforms to help you make data-backed business decisions. As an online consumer research tool for marketers, designers, product managers, and more, our goal is to help you validate and compare assets with feedback from your target audience.

Poll the People makes it possible to get real user feedback from people representing your target users through our panel. Let’s take a closer look at who makes up the Poll the People user panel.

About the Panel

The Poll the People user panel is made up of over 500,000 users, mostly based in the U.S., and can represent a wide range of demographics. Our dedicated panel represents a diverse mix of ages, locations, employment industries, income levels, and more to let you target your ideal audience. We also offer to target based on behaviors like internet usage. At this time, the panel is 90% U.S.-based English speakers, but we have plans to expand our panel to give access to more languages and countries.

Poll the People's user panel

Poll the People doesn’t content block like other survey sites, panel participants report their information willingly because they want to give you valuable insights. Their information, on a basic test, is shown to you in your results under the demographics tab. Here you will find age, gender, response sentiment, and any advanced criteria options you might have added.

These segments will help you understand what your target users think of your assets and help you understand your target audience. Poll the People finds panelists through third-party services. We can ensure you are getting only the best responses with automatic response rejection and participant ratings. This is a unique feature of Poll the People as compared to other panels. We automatically reject bad responses using our proprietary anti-cheating technology and do not charge you for rejected responses (unlike our competitors!).

This includes honest feedback, thorough explanations, and a dedicated approach to your test. Respondents are paid a small stipend for answering your questions and providing their information to the best of their abilities.

Finally, each participant is under a non-disclosure agreement. This means you can be sure that the feedback you get on your test is yours and yours only. Poll the People respondents take your test seriously and want to help you make the best decision for your business.

Why Choose Our Panel?

There are plenty of user research platforms with demographics and various types of respondents, what makes Poll the People better than the rest? Poll the People is the best option to test your assets for many reasons.

High-Quality Responses

Poll the People is powered by real people with honest opinions. With our user panel, you can target and segment our users to represent your target audience. Our automatic anti-cheating response rejection technology takes out the poor responses so they don’t appear in your results. On other platforms, you get about 80% of the responses you need. But, with Poll the People, you get 100% of the responses you need because we reject the 20% of bad responses before you ever see them. And best of all: You don’t get charged for rejected responses (unlike our competitors!).

image of high quality responses from Poll the People's user panel

Don’t take our word for it: Compare the beautiful essay-like explanations you get with Poll the People to other panels and see the differences in the quality of the responses and explanations.

We know real, valuable user insights are so important to user research. That’s why we have a dedicated panel to participate in your tests. We have auto-response rejection, bot protection, and advanced targeting and segmentation to test with your target audience.

Lightning-Fast Results

Our global and local panelists allow you to select the number of participants and get responses from your target users in seconds. A test is typically completed in an hour, if not less. Unlike traditional user testing, you can gather your results and start optimizing resources in a matter of hours, not days or weeks.

image of fast results from Poll the People user panel

In this example above, a head-to-head book title study with 200 respondents was completed in less than 90 mins.

When you create a test, it is immediately sent to our panel, and the users that match your chosen criteria will respond in seconds. Results will appear in your results dashboard in real time, so you can monitor the test while it’s live. Or you can walk away, get a cup of coffee, and your test will be done when you get back. We even update you via email on the status and completion of your test to let you tackle other important work.

Valuable Insights

Poll the People gives you unbeatable insights because each participant gives a written essay-like answer to your question. Survey respondents need to say why they made the selection they did — this way, you’ll know they didn’t arbitrarily choose one option over the other. The participants will give an essay-like explanation to give you the insights you need to decide. Needless to say, plagiarized responses that are copy-pasted from Google are rejected.

You are also able to filter responses based on the option a user voted for, see the demographic information for each option, pin responses, hide responses, and more. Giving you a full understanding of your test results.

Product testing results

Perfect for Any Budget

Market research doesn’t have to cost thousands for a single test or survey. Responses from our panel cost about $1.00 per response (targeted by default to US audiences), with multiple subscription plans for additional features that work for businesses of all different sizes.

With Poll the People, you get access to dedicated respondents without blowing your budget. Giving your more time and money to optimize designs, reduce risk, improve digital assets, and validate your next great business decision.

Final Thoughts

When it comes to market research, high-quality, reliable feedback is the most important factor. You need a market research panel of people who care about your test and want to see you succeed, that’s why Poll the People is your best option. Utilizing our dedicated panelists, you can make your big decisions fast, with confidence, and without blowing your budget.

Do you have a logo, headline, ad, or other resources you’re ready to put to the test? Are you having trouble choosing between your ideas? Sign up and create a test in minutes to see for yourself how helpful Poll the People’s user panel is.

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