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Why should you test the headlines of your ads? Isn’t it enough to just pay Google to get your advertising where they need to be? We’ll cover all of the reasons you need to optimize your Google ads headlines.

The first thing a user sees when interacting with your ads are the headlines, they need to be engaging, useful, and lead to conversions. The biggest issue is when you know how significant it is to have a strong headline for your ads but don’t know if the one you created is effective or not. Many marketers take their shot with google ads and don’t watch where it lands or make changes to get more out of their PPC ads.

Google ads can be a great way to immediately get traffic to your website, but if you take the “set it and forget it” strategy, you’ll be missing out on a lot of conversions, sign-ups, and customers. Any PPC marketing strategy should take time to optimize headlines.

This post will show you how to run A/B tests on Google Ads and why it’s crucial. Showing your headlines to real users and analyzing how they react is one of the best ways to run the best headlines.

Why Testing Headlines is Important

Testing Google Ads allows you to run more ads for less money while also running them in a more efficient way.

Testing your Google Ads might assist you in determining how to improve your click-through rate (CTR). A greater CTR also improves your quality score. The higher your quality score, the lower your PPC ad costs will be, allowing you to run more ads for less money.

Usability A/B testing can also help you to evaluate other parts of your ads including copy and images in order to improve conversions. You’ll know which headlines, keywords, and body text combinations will yield the best results. As a result, perhaps you’ll be able to run more advertisements, but the ones you do run will convert at a better rate.

How to Test Google Ad Headlines

Testing headlines is an excellent approach to boosting the conversion rate of your website. You can see which headlines are more effective at getting people to click on ads by experimenting with different headlines. If you want optimized ads you need to know what’s working and what isn’t to get a better ROI.

Learning how to run an A/B test on Google Ads can be difficult, especially if it’s your first time. Fortunately, Poll the People makes A/B testing simple, here’s how to use the platform to test Google ad headlines.

Decide What To Test

When testing headlines you need to know what you want to test and have multiple versions of your headline. You can see which headline performs better with real people by comparing two distinct headlines.

You’ll need to generate two different versions of your headlines to get the best results, make sure the headlines are distinguishable but don’t have a drastic theme or message change. If the business is focused on clothing, one headline can’t be about clothing and the other one about haircuts. Users need to see the difference but still understand the message and what the business does.

Headlines are meant to be short, to the point, and to capture the interest of potential customers. They should engage viewers and persuade them to follow the ad to your website.

A good headline is made up of a few words that describe your products, services, or offerings. They should include the keywords you’re targeting, which will be bolded and indicate to the searcher that they’re in the right place. You can test a variety of word combinations to discover which one works best for your PPC ad.

Understand What You are Testing For

The most important thing is to figure out what you want to achieve with your testing. You must decide whether you want subscribers, sign-ups, sales, or other types of conversions. You need to identify goals for your test in order to analyze results and run with the right headline.

Knowing what you’re testing for and what you want to get out of the test will help you find the best headlines for your ads.

Choose a testing template

The best way to test your ad headline is to narrow your designs to two choices. Once you have two choices (A and B), you can utilize our Google headline template to test your ads.

Poll the People has a number of templates and we’re constantly adding more for different use cases. When testing Google headlines, use the template with the same name. You could also use the image template and upload screenshots of your ads to provide context to the respondents.

The next step is to fill out the template and finish the test design. Just add your headlines in the right field and create a test question. Make sure you are asking a question that relates to the goal of your test.

The examples of your questions are:

  • What ad headline do you prefer?
  • Which of these two ads headline would you trust?
  • What Google headline is more engaging?

You gain insight into your users’ by presenting them with your headlines and asking a question that helps you understand the results.

That’s it, you’ve completed your test setup in just a few minutes!

Set the Audience

Once you complete the design of your test you are directed to our audience page. Poll the People uses a dedicated user panel of over 500,000 respondents, we also offer segmentation and advanced criteria to ensure you’re testing with the right audience. Choose the number of responses you’ll need and any advanced criteria you need like age, gender, or location.

We recommend testing with at least 100 users to create significant results, but with the large user panel, you can choose any number of users you need.

Review and Launch

After completing the test setup and audience selection, review your test design, the question, and the audience to make sure the test is set up exactly how you want. Now, you’re all set and ready to launch the test.

You’ve completed the entire setup process in a few minutes; simply click launch and you’re on your way to collecting great feedback. Poll the People’s tests take around an hour to complete; simply sit back and wait for the results.

Analyze Results and Implement Changes

On a real-time feed, you can watch the responses roll in, you can immediately begin evaluating the responses or you can wait for the entire test to be completed in less than an hour.

Poll the People’s results dashboard will show you the statistical winner of the test along with detailed written feedback from each respondent. Each respondent must provide a clear explanation of why they selected one headline over another. This is where you get real insights into how effective your headlines are.

Dive into all of the results to identify the most effective headlines, areas for improvement, and any issues with your ads. Once you’ve analyzed the data and determined what performs best for your PPC ads, make the necessary changes to your headlines.  Even some of the negative feedback can give you ways to continue to improve or show you ways to optimize that you might not have thought of.

It’s important to remember that, regardless of your preference, you should base your decision on the feedback rather than your preferences. The responses reveal what will have the most impact and will assist the team in meeting the needs of its customers.

Take a look at this example test for what Google ad headline converts the most users and the rest of our example page to learn about testing for different resources.


We’ve learned a lot about A/B testing for headlines and how the entire process works. These procedures will assist you in both setting up an excellent test and getting the most out of the data. While testing headlines is a great use case for Poll the People you can test just about any part of your ads, including the full design.

The use of real users to test headlines is a fantastic way to ensure that your ads are effective. You’ll be confident that your headlines are captivating and will engage users if you gather input from hundreds of people.

Make sure you know why you’re testing, what you’re testing, and who you’re testing with. It’s just as important to set up the test correctly as it is to know what you’ll do with the results. Confirm that the questions and test type correspond to your goals.

Testing with Poll the People is great for optimizing ads and identifying issues before you miss out on conversions. If you have a lot of headlines you want to test, the quick and simple tests allow you to iterate quickly to test all of your headlines.

As you continue to test, you’ll discover exactly what works for your Ads. Now that you have all the tools to optimize your ads, sign up for free and start testing today!

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