By Owen Fay . Posted on July 26, 2022

As marketers, it can be hard to know if a campaign will work as intended before launch. A lot of the time we rely on click-through, conversion rates of past campaigns, and other assumptions before going live, but that’s after you’ve built all of the ads or resources. There are some common ways of testing, like A/B testing that can help you make changes during a campaign, but even most A/B tests only give you quantitative data, could give you insignificant results, cost you thousands, or take weeks. If one design outperforms the other by 10% can you really be that confident it’s better?

In order to keep up with the rapidly changing consumer needs, many marketers are using user-driven research. With the help of this user research, marketers have an effective way to use feedback gained to boost overall digital marketing success and improve business performance.

What if you could test every aspect of your campaign quickly, directly with your target audience, for less, all before going live? It might sound too good to be true, but Poll the People accomplishes exactly that.

It is obvious why so many companies are attempting to use insights-driven marketing. According to a study conducted by Forrester Consulting, almost half of respondents who use marketing intelligence reported higher customer satisfaction, and nearly as many reported higher levels of customer loyalty and retention.

However, without useful data, insights-driven marketing is not possible. To improve their marketing efforts, marketers must first understand the data they already have, the data they can obtain, and the best ways to organize, analyze, and apply the data gathered. Most of the time, marketers lack the resources (time and money) to test every aspect of a campaign. Using Poll the People is an easy, quick, and effective approach to gathering the data you need to confidently optimize your business.

This article is our overview of how marketers can use rapid user testing to create campaigns that users love and that will lead to conversions once they go live.

Rapid Insights with Poll the People

Poll the People is a blazing fast user testing platform our tests are created and run in less than 60 minutes, giving you more time to make changes to your campaigns before launch.

Rapid insights allow you to focus on your campaign rather than waiting for feedback for days or weeks when you run a traditional A/B test. While you might have heard of other rapid feedback platforms like, Poll the People costs about $1 per response, letting you use your marketing budget on the things that matter most, not your research process.

Our rapid user testing platform does more than just give you the numbers behind an A/B test, the results from our tests come in the form of both quantitative and qualitative data. You will be able to understand the what and the why of your research, faster than other platforms. Rapid testing with our platform allows any organization to gather actionable feedback to optimize any part of the business.

User Testing to Understand User Needs

Poll the People gives you actionable insights, fast, because of this you understand your audience, their needs, and pain points.

When you ask users about their preferences, opinions, and how they interact with your marketing resources, you’ll understand what they expect and need from your marketing efforts.

Understanding your audience and target market can reveal the demands of your potential customers. This will allow your business to create products and services that are more likely to be sold. It helps your business design its products and sales strategy to satisfy the needs of its target market.

You’ll be able to utilize channels and messaging that will appeal to your target audience once you’ve identified who they are. This stops you from wasting your money on the platforms that your target customers don’t use or aren’t interested in.

You’ll also be able to better align your brand name and image, style, and overall strategy to your target audience. It will create more memorable and effective communications, resulting in loyal customers.

Testing can help business owners understand how campaign elements such as interactions, creative content, and ad networks affect customer engagement. In the multi-screen era, consumer demand is continuously changing, and brand marketers must adapt to match their customers’ expectations.

A crucial step in creating, perfecting, and releasing a fantastic digital product is user testing, often known as usability testing. It involves identifying usability problems at any point in the product development cycle with the goal of enhancing the user experience. The most important part of achieving this goal is understanding the consumer. With data from Poll the People you can clearly see what works and, more importantly, what does not.

Benefits of Understanding Audience Needs

Understanding your target audience should be the first step in developing your marketing plan. Knowing who they are will help you develop a strategy and discover tactics to convert them into your customers. You can get to know the preferences of your potential customers after you understand your audience.

Ultimately, you can use real-time feedback to improve your services and optimize your products with content that the customers need. Your customers will remain loyal to your brand if you provide them with the things that they want.

Knowing who your target audience is will help you reach the right people. When you are developing products and services, audience analysis helps you figure out who might be interested in your product.

With Poll the People you can find the right audience and develop a product based on their opinions and feedback. You’ll have everything you need to attract the ideal customers to your brand.

When you understand your customers and create the product they want, customer engagement increases. Ultimately, they become your permanent customers. As you succeed in engaging your audience, it results in increased sales.


In today’s highly competitive business landscape user testing allows organizations to create marketing efforts that are relevant and user-focused. You can only develop extremely successful and compelling marketing campaigns that are tailored to your consumer if you have a comprehensive, data-driven understanding of them.

Now that you have a good understanding of user research and the benefits you can start gathering actionable insights and optimizing marketing resources. By quickly gathering user insights, you can begin to understand your consumer better and develop better products, services, and campaigns.

One of the simplest methods to improve your business with the help of your consumers is through rapid usability testing, and Poll the People is the quickest and most affordable platform to conduct these tests. Product and design teams can conduct custom tests and generate user feedback in under an hour thanks to Poll the People.

If you need more information or want to understand how a test is done and the results you’ll get, take a look at our examples page. Once you are ready to start optimizing your business with Poll the People, sign up for free and run a test in minutes.

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