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By Owen Fay . Posted on May 17, 2022

Are you thinking about switching from UserBrain to a different testing platform? Here are five UserBrain alternatives that provide quick and effective usability testing.

You came here looking for UserBrain alternatives that provide similar high-quality usability testing, allowing you to test with actual users to identify problems with your website, app, designs, or other resources without paying too much?

UserBrain is a cloud-based user testing platform that uses real-world feedback to assess and validate consumer experience. Overall, it’s a good platform for gathering quick input at a fair price.


What makes UserBrain popular?

Userbrain shows you what’s working and what’s not for your product. It is a simple tool that allows you to quickly create a usability test and receive results. Whether you’re a UX designer, researcher, or manager, Userbrain can help you create products that people will enjoy using.

They offer inexpensive user testing that can be set up in just a few minutes. With over 80,000 users in their panel, you can get fast and effective feedback or invite your own testers. They make it easy to analyze results, collaborate with your team, and regularly test your business.

No long-term contracts, fast results, testing with your own participants, free accounts, and free first test.

Why UserBrain is not the best option for everyone?

UserBrain is overall a good usability testing platform but it isn’t for everyone.

Problems with testers: The biggest downside is the testers. A lot of customers are unsatisfied with the quality of the panel and can be a hit-or-miss process to get results. The user can need anywhere between 2 and 20 minutes to complete. A user should be given a set amount of time to complete the activity or risk and being not credited unless they do not. There is no method to seek a refund for a bad tester after they have given poor ratings to the users.

Flexibility: The final results filters are not as flexible or user-friendly as some of the alternatives in the market. It can be difficult to get the testers to understand the instructions. Users’ perceptions of the instructions can be highly varied, making it difficult to compare them at times.

The Best Alternatives to UserBrain

UserBrain isn’t for everyone, that is why we put together a list of the 5 best alternatives.

  1. Poll the People
  2. UserTesting
  3. UsabilityHub
  4. Lookback
  5. UserZoom

1. Poll the People

Poll the People dashboard

If you or your business thinks UserBrain has everything you need but is too expensive to consistently and continuously test your resources, Poll the People is a great option.

Marketers and designers can put their resources to the test before they go live. This will allow them to avoid costly re-designs while also gaining valuable insights about user opinions. Best of all, getting started and running your first test using Poll the People is quick and simple.

Poll the People is a usability A/B testing platform created to make decision-making faster, easier, and cheaper. We specialize in testing for marketers and designers that want to get the most out of concepts, designs, user experience, and usability.

Pros of Poll the People Compared to UserBrain

  • Less Expensive: Poll the People costs less than the competition, at about $1 per response it is the most cost-effective testing tool.
  • Large User Panel: Poll the People provides over 500K respondents in the panel with country and attribute segmentation.
  • Fast Results: Poll the People usability tests take less than 60 minutes to complete.
  • Result Analysis: Poll the People requires users to explain their choices in great detail. Poll the People makes it simple to assess findings with charts, graphs, and written feedback. Poll the People provides an easy-to-use results dashboard and real written feedback from users.

Cons of Poll the People as compared to UserBrain

  • No live testing: Poll the People is a platform for pre-live testing that does not yet support video or audio recording.
  • No on platform collaboration: Poll the People does not allow on platform collaboration with your team. The platform does allow you to share results and collaborate with the data in any format you need.

Poll the People Pricing Compared to UserBrain

Poll the People is the most affordable and cost-effective alternative to UserBrain.

  1. There is a pay-as-you-go pricing option for $1.00 per response without any subscription or additional fee while using a general audience.
  2. The Plus plan offers more features. Access to more testers per test, and improved analysis tools.
  3. The most expensive subscription plan is $99.99, it offers unlimited access to all of the features Poll the People offers.

Poll the People is the least expensive platform in the market, offering a lot of great benefits, with a larger user panel, and faster results.

2. UserTesting


UserTesting was the first unmoderated usability testing tool, giving them plenty of time to improve the platform and provide excellent testing services to their customers. Customers can get quick feedback on a sophisticated platform with a variety of testing methods and tools, according to their data. They use a panel of over 1.5 million users, according to their data.

Pros of User testing Compared to UserBrain

  • Large User Panel: UserTesting has over 1.5 million participants.
  • Step by step tasks: Tests can be segmented into sections to give step-by-step guides.
  • Native app Testing: It lets customers test any live or pre-live resources.

Cons of Usertesting Compared to UserBrain

  • Pricing Model: UserTesting’s updated pricing model requires you to get in contact with a sales team if you want to test with more than 15 users. These enterprise plans cost about $18k in a long-term contract. It is much more expensive than many alternatives.
  • No Free Trial: Even though the price for the platform is high, they do not offer a free trial to explore the tool.

UserTesting Pricing:

UserTesting offers only two pricing options:

  1. Individual options cost $49 per test, with a limit of 15 users per test.
  2. Enterprise solutions are offered, starting at $15,000 per year depending on the customization of the plan.

3. UsabilityHub

First-click tests, design testing, preference testing, and five-second tests are all available through UsabilityHub. Users will receive written comments from the panel as well as quality data from these testing. You may also hire testers and send any of their testing techniques to your friends, colleagues, coworkers, or any other audience you choose with UsabilityHub. The website makes use of a panel of over 400,000 people that are “standing by to test your designs in real-time.”

UsabilityHub allows marketers, designers, and product managers to gather feedback through audience segmentation, multiple audience selection methods, and a variety of ways to test designs.

Pros of UsabilityHub compared to UserBrain

  • Starting at $1 per response: you can get results quickly and affordably with Usability Hub’s user panel if you don’t require moderated testing.
  • CVS export: Users can export their results as a CVS file, allowing them to analyze them in any way they wish.
  • Buying credits: You can purchase credits for usability tests as you go when setting up your test or in bulk before the test without them expiring.

Cons of UsabilityHub compared to UserBrain

  • No screen or audio recording: UserTesting can record your test on-screen and audio. UsabilityHub only provides written responses to your queries, making it difficult to properly comprehend your test results.
  • No prototype testing: You can conduct wireframe tests on their platform, but you can’t test interactive prototypes.
  • Multi-site Testing: UsabilityHub does not have a function that allows participants to be sent to another website for testing.

UsabilityHub Pricing

There are four options in the pricing plan of the UsabilityHub Platform:

  1. The first plan is ‘Free’ with very limited options for testing
  2. The second plan is named ‘basic’ and starts at $79 per month or is billed annually.
  3. The third plan is named ‘Pro’ and starts at $199 per month or is billed annually.
  4. The fourth plan is named ‘Enterprise’ which includes bespoke and custom pricing.

Usability hub does set restrictions on available testing time depending on the plan. There is a very limited free plan that lets you test for up to 2 minutes on a branded interface.

4. Lookback


Lookback is an excellent solution if you want to test your resources with a group of your own users but don’t need a platform with a built-in user panel.

Pros of Lookback Compared to UserBrain

  • Unlimited Participants: Lookback doesn’t limit the number of participants you can utilize or the number of recordings you can make, so test as many as you need.
  • Remote moderated testing: With live and face-to-face user testing, you may directly communicate with users.
  • Broadcasting research: Customers can use the live feature to share their research with their team, ask them to watch tests, and obtain insights.

Cons of Lookback Compared to UserBrain

  • No Tester Pool: Lookback does not have an internally managed user panel, you need to invite your own participants with a shareable link to the testing platform.
  • Dropped connection: Some users have reported connection drops during live test broadcasting sessions

Lookback Pricing:

Lookback offers a number of payment options that let just about anyone use their platform.

All subscriptions are billed annually.

  1. Team plans start at $99 per month offering 100 test sessions per year.
  2. Insights plans at $229 per month with 300 sessions a year.
  3. They offer an enterprise plan starting at $1300 per year.
  4. A 14-day free trial with no credit card required.

5. UserZoom


UserZoom is a user experience (UX) tool that enables product developers and digital teams to acquire actionable insights on customer behavior in order to improve the digital experience with companies. Administrators can use usability testing, questionnaires, card sorting, and website intercepts to monitor UX performance across products. UserZoom began with moderated remote testing before adding unmoderated testing. Unlike other alternatives, which began with unmoderated testing to do tests faster and more easily.

Pros of UserZoom compared to UserBrain

  • Use your own testers: Customers with monthly plans can conduct tests with their own participants for free.
  • Moderated testing: With desktops or mobile devices, UserZoom supports both moderated and unmoderated testing.

Cons of UserZoom compared to UserBrain

  • Limited researchers: UserZoom plans have a limit on how many people can create and launch tests; if you need more, you’ll have to pay extra.
  • Smaller user panel: UserZoom provides the smallest user panel on the market, allowing customers to get faster results and better segmentation.
  • Annual Contracts: UserZoom offers a variety of plans, but you must pay for the entire year in advance.

UserZoom Pricing

UserZoom offers different pricing options for moderated and unmoderated user tests.

  • Plans for both types of tests start at $500 per month with 2 researcher seats, unlimited collaborators, and 40 tests per year.
  • Customizable plans are offered when you reach out to UserZoom.
  • They offer a 14-day free trial to explore their platform.
  • All subscriptions and contracts are billed annually.

Our Recommendation

Poll the People Dashboard

After considering all of the UserBrain alternatives, their pros, cons, and pricing, Poll the People emerges as the best choice. The tool is the most affordable and cost-effective solution, providing consumers with important feedback and quick results.

While all of these alternatives to UserBrain are great, Poll the People provides the most benefits at a much lesser cost than UserBrain while still keeping a large panel of respondents.

Why not make the most of what you’re offering to your audience? Poll the People is a fantastic platform that is simple to use and provides valuable ideas for improvement. If you’re ready to start optimizing your business, sign up for FREE with Poll the People and explore our website.

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