By Owen Fay . Posted on July 25, 2022

As digitalization continues to expand, Poll the People assists businesses in creating effective user experiences and understanding their target audience.

With our new and growing template gallery, we have made it simpler to start your testing process. By giving you templates for most use cases and suggested testing based on what you’ve tested before, we’ve improved your initial interactions with our platform.

Poll the People allows any organization to gather real feedback, from real people, in real-time, to understand its audience, and give them the resources they need and expect. If you only base your decisions on thoughts and emotions, you can be losing out on a lot of conversions that you might otherwise be able to acquire when it comes to developing landing pages, email copy, call-to-action buttons, digital ads, and more.

You can test your theories and make decisions based on real data through Poll the People user testing, and now, with our expanding template gallery, the process is easier. These templates help you create rapid user tests for anything from a whole website to the headline used in a Google ad.

Our template library is growing, and we are constantly adding new templates for anything you might want to optimize with our platform. Keep reading this blog to learn what we have in our library and what’s coming next.

Our Current Template Library

New test templates are introduced by Poll the People to help businesses better understand how people interact with features, concepts, prototypes, ads, creative, content, and designs.

Testing is easier because each of these templates was made expressly for its use case, by our team of engineers and expert user testers. These expert-built templates let you test faster, without having to worry about creating custom test designs, coding, or prior knowledge of testing platforms.

We have templates for article titles, Google headlines, logos, images, Figma designs, taglines, landing pages, websites, videos, and any content copy.

Our Templates assist you in developing appealing and effective resources by helping you better understand the behavior of your customers. Before you begin building a test, try to get a sense of what their concerns are, user expectations, the most important elements of the designs, and the difficulties users are facing.

With the help of these templates, you can make sure that you’re offering customers the best products, services, resources, or experiences that will increase traffic, engage, and convert users.

The advantages of utilizing our templates include:

  • Allows researchers to design tests faster, the templates are straightforward to understand. All that is required is inserting the resources you are testing, asking a test question, and choosing the audience to test with.
  • Quick test setup allows you to test more consistently and make better business decisions. You will spend less time considering test design and more time gathering user feedback.
  • You have dedicated templates for every testing scenario. If you want to test a Figma design, we have a template for that, if it’s a Google headline, there is a template for that. Poll the People’s template library takes the guesswork out of user testing.
  • Understanding user expectations and needs, because you will be using a dedicated template you will understand how the target audience interacts with that exact resource.

Recommended Templates in Your Dashboard

Along with our new template library comes a new recommendation section in the testing dashboard. In the same section of our platform where you’ll see drafts and completed tests, you will now see templates that are recommended for you.

This makes it easier for anyone to test faster and more effectively, eliminating the need to search through all the templates to find the one that works best for your test process.

Some of the recommended templates will help you in the following areas:

  • Rapid iteration of test: The most used templates will be displayed in the recommendations section, making retesting, and replicating tests to understand changes made after the first test easier.
  • Easier test set-up: Researchers won’t have to search the entire gallery and will be able to spend less time thinking about test set-up.
  • Better understanding of test options: Users don’t have to click or navigate to separate pages to find their template. With the most used testing templates accessible on the dashboard, testing is one click away, giving users a better understanding of all of the testing options.
  • Improvement to overall user experience: Poll the People is always trying to make user testing as easy as possible; our new recommendations section helps to improve usability and experience for all users.

What’s to Come?

Just like with every other part of Poll the People we are constantly trying to make the testing process faster and easier for users. While we have created new templates for the most popular test cases and added a more informative gallery, we are working on adding more templates to help users.

In the coming weeks, we will be adding templates for Facebook ads, ad creative design, audio testing, and more. While all of these resources can currently be tested with Poll the People, new dedicated templates will make the process easier, giving you curated templates to test any part of a brand or business. If you don’t see the template you’re looking for, chances are we’re working on it, but we are always open to new ways to help you test.

Feel free to reach out via our contact us page or chat feature and we will be sure to get back to you with updates or any ways we can help.


To help people make decisions more quickly, simply, and affordably, Poll the People was developed as a usability A/B testing platform. We specialize in testing for marketers, product managers, and designers who want to validate decisions, improve designs, usability, and user experience.

We remove the burden and risk from conventional usability testing so that anyone can evaluate their resources before going live.

It shouldn’t take days or weeks to make data-backed decisions to optimize your business; it should only take minutes. That is Poll the People’s driving principle.

Now that we have a new template library, starting your testing process is easier. We’ve enhanced your experience with our platform by providing templates for most use cases and testing recommendations based on what you’ve previously done.

Head over to our website if you want to see everything Poll the People has to offer in terms of templates, content, and testing methods. To view an example of how a test is conducted using our new templates, head to the expels page. If you want to start testing any part of your organization, sign up for free and explore the testing platform.

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